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Laravel with Angular or React.js; which is a better framework for your next project?

Web development frameworks are now ruling the digital world, and no one can even think of surviving without the existence of frameworks like Angular.js, Laravel, and React.js in the market. These frameworks are worth the hype. There are many Web development frameworks, but choosing the right one is challenging. Probably two people are reading this...

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The Role of Blockchain in Cybersecurity: Can it Help Safeguard Your Business?

The escalating cyber attacks have been adding cost to the companies and amidst the pandemic, cyber attack quagmire stormed the businesses. Approximately $4.2 billion was lost as a result of cybercrime in 2020, as per the FBI's annual Internet Crime Report. Fraud, extortion, and non-payment scams were three of the top types of cybercrimes. The...

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How Does Blockchain Technology Work with IoT | Developers Studio

You might think that the internet has changed your life, but that isn't true. Blockchain (Blockchain 4.0- The Industry Revolution) is about to revolutionize everything all over again.The monarch of Blockchain and the IoT has already overhauled the world with a never-ending impact. We can’t just get over it because automation and digitalization have engulfed...

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