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How Does Blockchain Technology Work with IoT | Developers Studio

You might think that the internet has changed your life, but that isn’t true. Blockchain (Blockchain 4.0– The Industry Revolution) is about to revolutionize everything all over again.The monarch of Blockchain and the IoT has already overhauled the world with a never-ending impact. We can’t just get over it because automation and digitalization have engulfed every sphere of life.

Let’s just brag about the importance of IoT and why we can’t ignore this high-end digital transformation. Is it necessary to be an advocate of this ongoing revolution? Well, we are not going to say anything by ourselves, as the following stats say it all.

Ignore IoT and Watch your Business Turning to Dunes!

Venture into the example of ‘Nokia’! In the late 2000s, Nokia’s cellular phones were the most trending phones, and the sales were shockingly spiked up. Nokia gathered millions of dollars in their piggy banks from the staggering market shares.

But wait where’s Nokia now? Why Nokia isn’t in the headlines now, why it is not still there making profits? Nokia stooped so low and had been slowly dying for years. The company took its last breath and the history of Nokia came to an end when Microsft purchased it.
Now brainstorm the example a bit, what were the reasons for Nokia’s pitfalls, well we are going to hit the reason with a famous saying by Jared Newman, it clearly resonates along with our heated conversation.

“And just like any company that blissfully ignored the Internet at the turn of the century, the ones that dismiss the Internet of Things risk getting left behind.”

The arrival of the iPhone and Steve Jobs made a smooth way for Nokia to take an exit door. Nokia was left in the chaos of conventional technology that led it towards the decline in the modern era.

Digital Transformation of IoT

It sometimes looks frightening, how IoT has become a part of life, but linger on the fact that ‘We can’t even imagine our lives without the IoT revolution’. Ostensibly, the IoTs have the potential to minimize the manpower and it is said it is going to hurt people in the future. According to our expert opinion technology can generally always be used for good and bad, it always depends on to what extent you are going to be careful.A failure to embrace IoT would mean that you are against having safer cars that prevent accidents, and you aren’t favoring the better diagnosis of sick people.

Working of Blockchain with IoT

IoT (Internet of Things) devices and infrastructure are transforming the industries, with the use of sensors. A major challenge for IoT advancement in enterprises is the rising dilemma of information breach, this is the flaw where blockchain comes in and bridge up the gaps. Blockchain protects information at all levels of the IoT ecosystem. Blockchain Solutions combats the security breaches in IoT, with the number of connected devices growing multifold every year, the data security of sensitive enterprises has become an escalating issue.

Straight-forward Example of the Blockchain Wrapped Up with IoT

Let’s just conclude the partnership of blockchain and IoT, if a hacker is going to attack your enterprise’s system, without blockchain it would be very much easy to make a way for the attackers. Blockchain technology solutions don’t facilitate cyber-attacks. With blockchain, it becomes impossible for the hacker to meddle every single node of the distributed ledger system.

Since it is impossible to hack every single node of the blockchain, the combination of blockchain with IoT is always preferred. Blockchain doesn’t let convenience and empowerment cost you privacy loss and transparency. The working of blockchain and IoT is always a win for every consumer, enterprise, startup and medium-businesses.

Why develop IoT and Blockchain Solutions with Developers Studio?

Developers Studio has a decade worth of experience in developing IoT-based blockchain applications. The best thing about Developers Studio is the team is experienced and follows the intelligent customer-centric approach.

The team blows the fairy dust in their projects so that you don’t have to face the naive and incompetent strategies during the execution of the project. Our team of expertise anticipates the technological trends and adorn the client’s projects with market-driven technology.

Head towards the dedicated teams methodology Developers Studio and get to know how we work!

Benefits of IoT and Blockchain!

  • Build trust in your IoT data with Blockchain!

Each transaction history is recorded and added to a secure, immutable distributed ledger system that cannot be altered or changed.

  • Generate new efficiencies with Added Security with Blockchain!

With blockchain escorted with IoT, you can manage and analyze the data without the fear of data tampering and damage.

  • Gain greater flexibility

Blockchain streamlines the business’s processes and creates new business value across.

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Wrap Up for IoT and Blockchain!

Blockchain has been implemented with IoT across Banking, Financial Services, Automotive industries. Blockchain has accompanied IoT in the long-run, a new mechanism named smart contracts in association with IoT has been implied to smart homes, supply chains, and logistics. When IoT conditions are met, smart contracts are automatically executed by blockchain. Blockchain technology allows smart devices to function on their own without relying on centralized control.

The combination of IoT and blockchain technology mitigates the risk of data management because there is no centralized data repository and the ledger is not vulnerable to cyberattacks. That’s why it is recommended that IoT should be escorted by Blockchain technology in case of big projects.

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