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Employee’s Movie Night- “Movie Night at Developers Studio”

Who says you can't chill out at your workplace, work every time, and no play? Developers Studio has a fun solution for your nerve-racking work routine; we at Developers Studio have been taking great strides in improving the workplace culture.

Developers Studio arranged an employee movie night; as this week kicks off the first “official” week of summer, have a glimpse into our fun activities we offer our employees during the warm months.

This is just a way for us to create a positive working environment, to roll out the barrels of laugh at Developers Studio.

Are you looking for a fun social event to offer your employees as well? Trust us; nothing says summertime with a movie night accompanied with chilled drinks and a stress-free time!

Movie night is always a great way for your employees to relax and unwind.

Activities like these will make employees work harder in a more efficient way. We are leaned in creating a friendly workplace and encourage healthy conversations amongst employees.

Brush-Off the Stressful Work Environment!

No one would spotlight the fact that employees are more likely to be creative and workaholics in a place where they have supporting colleagues.

Researches say it all, those who have best friends at work are proven to be seven times more engaged, which makes them more productive, and they think outside the box for leveraging ideas.

If you want to have fun at your workplace, then here are the simple DIYs to adorn your workplace in an indoor movie theatre. Employees’ movie night can be achieved quite easily; you just need a few simple things.

Space for Indoor Movie Theatre!

First, an indoor space, you don’t have to think of an extravagant idea; your company’s lounge, meeting room, or rooftop can serve the purpose. For an instant movie screen, grab the projector from your conference room and set it up against an open wall.

Now struggle a bit and make it BYOC (Bring Your Own Chair – office chair, bean bags, or whatever floats your boat), and the last thing you’ll need is some fantastic snacks for movie night.


Popcorn is a Must-Have

Every one of us would guess it right; without a popcorn bucket, the fanatics will go nuts. It’s quite literally impossible for someone to enjoy a movie without digging their hand into a bowl of popcorn.

And don't forget to invite butter popcorn and plain salted popcorn to the party. The flavors can cause quite the debate, so it’s best to provide both because, after all, you don’t want to get in the flings.

The aroma of the Butter Popcorn would drive everyone to your in-house movie theatre. You are not going to encounter a conflict with your growling stomach. Tack on the fact that gluten-free popcorn is an instant appetite-pleaser.

Movie Night is All About your Favorite Candies

Movie night is all about taking a break from the demanding schedule and, yes, the diet to satisfy your cravings—stock up on the candies along with the popcorn buckets. Nothing can match the jaw-tingling sensation when you bite into your favorite gummy candy during a movie night.

A movie night wouldn’t be complete without the crispy and crunchy chocolates and candy, don’t forget to keep them with you.

Don’t you Dare Forget the Chilled Sodas!

Now let’s be honest. What kind of movie night would it be without some refreshing sodas? Can you think of a more perfect combination than coke and popcorn? We assume no because

Let Movie Night Drive Your Corporate Culture

When you are all set on snacks, the only thing left on the hit list is to invite the employees over and sending out an office-wide poll: which movie to binge-watch for the movie night fest! Allowing employees to socialize is significant for boosting office morale.

That’s all from our side!

Corporate Essentials help fuel positive culture enabling employees to work efficiently. All the smiles and satisfaction you get from your employees is the most precious thing you’ll receive.

Let’s make it a tradition to value and appreciate the employees who work hard on the projects to get them done on time. A simple movie night setup won’t cost you anything; it just starts stocking up for some refreshing drinks and snacks for the movie night. Let’s break the stereotypes and shackles of a dull workplace, make an office tradition that creates bonds and relationships among colleagues that go deeper than the Monday morning “how was your weekend?”

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