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Highlights from the Developers Studio Cricket Wrangle | August 2021

After a nail-biting head-to-head match between the Crypto Skyhawks and Bit Ninjas, the cricket wrangle series was ended in a draw.
In the first-round Crypto Skyhawks grabbed a 1-0 stranglehold in the first round of the playoff series. Suleman Ilyas and Bilal Sohail with their remarkable innings made a win for Crypto Skyhawks. In the second face-off of the 2-match series, Crypto Skyhawks seemed on the verge of turning the game around, but the Bit Ninjas reasserted surged further ahead and slowly squeezed the life out of the Crypto Skyhawks fading hopes of winning.

The match was indeed bizarre! We have discovered some great cricket players in this match, and we can’t hold back from mentioning Saif Ali from Bit Ninja, who is our hidden ‘Boom Boom Afridi.’ Besides decluttering the software’s bugs, looks like our QA Engineer keenly tested the quality of the cricket pitch as well.

Next on the list is Jawad Saleem, who employed his programming logic in the game and knocked out Crypto Skyhawk’s three batsmen consecutively in the first face-off, which significantly impacted the game’s momentum. Later on, the win was dropped in the bucket of Crypto Skyhawks, and the ‘Hat Trick’ didn’t help Bit Ninjas to score a win. This win eventually helped Crypto Skyhawks leapfrog Bit Ninjas to second place.

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All the hype of the cricket wrangle led to the fascinating small forward battle between Crypto Skyhawks & Bit Ninjas – which didn’t end up in deciding the DS championship as the series was a draw.

Jawad Saleem from Bit Ninja and Ali Hassan from Crypto Skyhawks were outstanding in the first round and standout performers throughout the whole game. Talking about Ali Hassan’s performance, he is a stat-sheet stuffer- an elite bowler and a dynamic playmaker who can break games open in a variety of ways.

Moving forward, we can’t wrap up the highlights without giving the edge here to Rana Rafay. He was a great fit for the ‘Bit Ninjas’, he stepped up his game in the playoff all along.

We don’t have our winner for the game but the match was indeed a binge-watch. Did we miss mentioning our cheerleader for the match? How can we miss you Osama Tanveer! A big thanks to you for building the morale of the players, it wouldn’t be possible without you.

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