How Chatbots Help Your Businesses Boosting Sales and Marketing?

A successful marketing approach always emphasises customer interactions. Especially, if the primary concern of your business is to engage your consumer efficiently through a website or a mobile application. Adopting contemporary marketing strategies would always help you accomplish sales and marketing objectives at any level.

However, if you are a marketer, you might have an idea that the indulgence of chatbots has enhanced customer experience services across numerous industries. This incredible technology has made a lot of businesses easier to compete with larger enterprises to reach out to your customers and sell services.

Well, chatbots are being discussed everywhere now whether it’s an e-commerce site, the financial industry, or anything in between, there are several reasons these industries implement chatbots to scale up their revenue streams.

Chatbot integration helps corporations to serve their customers 24/7 without the need for a chat representative. They can help companies smoothen the purchasing experience, elevate revenue, gather data to customise their approach, improve customer interaction, and expand their businesses to the global market with multilingual capabilities.

This guide will look into five ways chatbots help businesses in improving their sales and marketing.

Nonetheless, before getting into our main topic, let’s get to know what a chatbot is.

What is Chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program which is designed to simulate conversation with human customers by chatting with them over the internet. However, chatbots can be incorporated into numerous platforms such as mobile applications, websites, and many more. You can use this technology for multiple objectives such as retrieving information, e-commerce, customer service, and other purposes. These chatbots use natural human-like languages while conversing with people.

5 Ways Chatbots Help Companies Increase their Sales

It has been found that many firms underestimate the use of chatbots in increasing their revenue. Although they might not be pretty fascinating for many companies, they can help them serve thousands of their customers simultaneously. Chatbots help businesses answer their clients’ intense questions on different platforms automatically which helps you convert your potential customers into buyers.

So, here are some versatile features of chatbots that can be incorporated into your business to boost your sales.

i. Execute 24/7 Customer Support Chat

In the constantly-evolving industries, customers now have more options than they had before. It means they are not supposed to remain around you waiting for the response to their questions. However, it has been found that companies who respond to their customers within five minutes tend to increase their conversion rates by a hundred times. Therefore, it is quite obvious that businesses can’t abandon their customer chat support at any cost.

Thus, by employing AI chatbots, numerous companies make sure that they respond to their clients within time. Well, AI chatbots have been found to be one of the game-changing technologies with spectacular results. It allows organisations to communicate with their customers in the real-time while customer support representatives are sleeping or enjoying their vacations on weekends.

Through these chatbots, many businesses have been seen with 2.4 times more customers as compared to the time when humans were assisting live chat support. Moreover, the sales teams are also able to resolve their problems such as spending more time on the support system. Therefore, it can be observed that the integration of AI chatbots ensures businesses respond to their clients quickly and satisfy their communication needs without any hassle.

ii. Provide Tailored Customer Experience

When it comes to the interpersonal part of the job, customer support representatives stand out. They excel in building strong connections with their clients and fostering a trust relationship with them. However, it has been found that customers and buyers do not trust customer service support systems and their agents. It has been reported that approximately 67% of clients prefer and believe in human advice and recommendations as compared to that of AI chatbots.

Although chatbots deliver numerous advantages over human agents, i.e. they can automatically provide personalised customer experience using the  information from the user’s account and by identifying their previous purchasing. Therefore, in order to deliver the most useful customer experience, these chatbots offer personalised assistance by offering the right things at the right time.

In addition, these advanced AI chatbots can boost your sales by influencing the customer experience by up to 91% and converting your customers into consumers. Not only this, it can reduce the company’s acquisition cost by up to 50% by earning 40% more than its competitors. Well, there’s no surprise that chatbots bring a drastic impact on business’s revenue and make it one of the top marketers.

iii. Answer Questions Promptly

There could be nothing more exhausting for a customer support representative than spending hours every day and answering the same question to different clients. Not only this, when a client asks a question, they have to provide satisfactory answers to resolve their problems as well. This is one of the things chatbots can handle hassle-freely. AI chatbots can easily answer such monotonous queries of multiple clients at the same time.

Handling customers frequently asked questions via chatbots can have two benefits. First, you can let your sales agents concentrate on other valuable customer questions and get rid of such tedious questions from their clients. Let the human team handle tricker tasks that might not be handled by technology or chatbots. And secondly, through these chatbots, your client will obtain relevant responses to their queries within no time. These chatbot will also help remove obstacles from preventing your potential customers into buyers successfully.

iv. Acquire Quick Customer Feedback

Usually, companies put a lot of effort into protecting their customer experience. Numerous studies have shown that clients who gain positive customer experience invest 140% more in the company as compared to those who acquire negative CX. Besides, these customers tend to remain their long-term customers for up to five years.

On the other hand, companies that deliver poor user experience may lose their potential customers and make zero revenue in return. Hence, AI chatbots can consult customers and acquire their feedback about their experience. They gather information like what they liked about the company and if they suggest anything to the company to improve their CX.

Nevertheless, several clients may not provide lengthy feedback. So, these chatbots can simply ask for feedback by providing them with one-word multiple options or through emojis. It remains helpful for both buyers and the company to take insights about the customer experience.

v. Offer Product Suggestions

According to the research, almost 47% of consumers buy products through chatbot suggestions. Well, it’s almost half the strength of total customers. Smart AI chatbots offer more than just answering client’s questions and getting their feedback. They can also act as a virtual assistant and suggest new products by offering surprising deals and discounts.

For instance, if a person is looking for a trampoline for his 3-year old kid that costs not more than $150. AI chatbots will recommend the products they are looking for and readdress them to a variety of trampolines that fall within that range.

It not only helps the consumer access their preferable product but also saves their time in searching the product manually. Customers benefit from a smooth buying experience that matches their particular needs while companies convert their potential clients into buyers.

Final Words

So, whether the company is looking for boosting their marketing, sales, or revenue, AI chatbots have impacted numerous industries drastically. Specifically, companies utilise chatbots to enhance their marketing strategies, assisting organisations in tailoring the messaging, and acquiring more consumers.

However, chatbots can considerably assist in all these purposes by reinventing the customer’s communication occurrences even if the marketing strategies are different from the competitors. Therefore, if you want to expand your conversational market, incorporating AI chatbots to your firm can help you boost your revenue and convert clients into buyers.

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