Launching a New NFT Marketplace | Advantages & Use Cases

Launching a New NFT Marketplace | Advantages & Use Cases

Starting with the basic introduction to NFTs, it is termed as a unique digital asset linked to the blockchain that can neither be disassembled nor it can get modified.NFTs are indivisible and irreplaceable, they can’t be replaced with another NFT because every non-fungible-token holds a peculiar nature.Taking bitcoins into account, they are replaceable because you can have bitcoins in exchange for bitcoins; whereas you can’t have NFTs in exchange for NFTs. The term NFTs in digital currency is a whole different dimension; where they depict the provenance and rarity of digital art.

NFTs possess a wide range of opportunities for creating and selling digital objects, including original artwork and blockchain-based collectible games like CryptoKitties.


Even the penguins have an acquaintance with NFTs! Love them or hate them, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are here to stay.

It’s your time to take off for your next step dealing with the NFTs marketplace! So we’ve already brushed off the basics, now let’s delve into the categories that fall under the NFTs;

Which Items can be sold over the NFT marketplace?

The non-fungible tokens, known colloquially as their acronym “NFT,” have captured the industry’s fascination in 2021 If you are still confused and stuck with the categories which one to opt for the ingenious NFT marketplace, the list of items below can surely help you out;

  • For an NFT marketplace, digital art is the most common thing sold across the platform. Because unique art is the thing people love to own for them. A collage by digital artist Beeple called “Every day's - The first 5000 days”. This artwork was auctioned off and sold for an astonishing price of $69 million.
  • Have you seen those cute little digital kitty collectibles? Since 2017 these tiny kitties have snatched the spotlight of the internet, so if you own something like the crypto kitties then you can put a price tag on it and sell it over the NFT marketplace.
  • Next on the list, we have the meme’s creation, can you recall the famous disaster girl? Recently, Zoë Roth sold the 'Disaster Girl' meme as NFT for $500,000, so if you are good at creating unique memes that inspire and engage the audience then the NFT marketplace is the ultimate place for your meme’s creation business. You can drag big bucks to your piggy banks now because NFT is the mere solution for it.
  • Do you know music artists are selling their music albums as NFTs and they are making millions out of their unique creations?
  • Top-shot dunking of Lebron James auctioned for $387K as an NFT, and it turns out how sports has made its way to NFTs. People can still stream the video clip online but counterfeiting it is merely impossible.
  • Surprisingly enough, tweets can also be sold as an NFT, as they are classified as text NFTs. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s first tweet sold for $2.9 million.

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Features of the Non-Fungible Token- Why are NFTs streamlined as an authentic platform?


Nom-fungible tokens are indivisible, they can’t be divided or modified in other terms. NFTs remain the same and they can’t be categorized into small tokens.


The owner of the NFTs holds the copyrights of the digital work, and it is impossible to recreate or copy the original work. Plus the information on the token can always get verified and cross-checked.


Non-fungible tokens can be traded instantly that increases their liquidity, the target audience on different NFT marketplaces varies, which means that digital assets are exposed to a greater pool of buyers.

Irreparable Currency

The NFT is an irreparable digital currency that is downright authentic and accurate, it can’t be replaced or changed.


As NFTs are developed over Smart Contract Apps, some specific properties of NFT can not be altered by the coders, they work parallel to the peculiar and unique patterns of NFTs.


NFTs have a clear edge over the other digital currencies, NFTs- a unique token that can be traded on various crypto marketplaces. Consequently, the owners can reap benefits from these advanced trading systems, bidding, and the possibility of selling in markets offer endless opportunities to NFT owners.


Just like any other digital asset, non-fungible tokens are fully programmable pertinent with complex mechanics, and the design space has endless possibilities.


Since mentioned and discussed above NFTs can not be exchanged for other NFTs, the nature of the tokens is interoperable.

Which are the Famous NFT marketplace websites to start with?

nft market place

How does an NFT marketplace work?

NFT works with the schematic user flow divided into the following steps provided below will make things easier for you.

Step 1. Sign up on your desired NFT platform to proceed.
Step 2. Then pick the preferred digital wallet.
Step 3. A non-fungible token has now been created, to this end, you have to upload a unique digital asset.
Step 4. The digital assets/items are then listed for sale. You can either sell it at a  fixed price or choose a bid for an auction.
Step 5. Item moderation takes place.
Step 6. When new NFTs are approved, they are added to the list for sales.
Step 7. If you own some digital work then you can now start accepting bids.
Step 8. When the auction closes, they get a notification about top bids.
Step 9. The NFT marketplace handles the transfer of digital assets and funds.

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Use-Cases of Non-Fungible Tokens

Non-Fungible Tokens


Talking about the NFTs gaming ecosystem, it closely works along with the cognitive patterns of the gamers, NFT lasts an everlasting impact on the minds of the gamers. But how? Players are encouraged to unlock the special armours or accessories for the characters or other in-game items that can be traded or sold for fiat currencies, creating robust economies in online gaming.

NFTs made online gaming equipment scarce and immutable that makes them so valuable to players. NFT in games is promoting a sizable economy in the gaming industries employing the practice of creating unique digital items.


NFTs can expedite the property-buying process by replacing the intermediaries with smart contracts. NFTs aren’t that far enough from taking over the steering wheel of real estate, NFTs reinforced the supremacy of transparent and secure procedures with an impressive landslide knocking down the intermediaries from estate agents and banks to notaries and solicitors, to make a simple transaction between two parties.

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The real-estate market in the past years has mired in the sea of counterfeiting that is bafflingly frightening for the economy. In case of NFTs, the history of ownership and rights are recorded that are instantly verifiable.

Antiques and Crypto Collectibles

NFTs are “reshaping the landscape of digital art,” thanks to their scarcity and uniqueness. It’s much-needed security for the artwork or digital items posted online, where content flows freely and can be easily copied causing detriment to the artists. Thanks to the blockchain’s immutable ledger technology that cannot be tampered with, NFTs allow online assets to have verifiable scarcity and original ownership, eventually battling against creative theft and plagiarism, enabling the worthy artists to monetize their businesses.

Penned Words

The NFts possibilities are endless and could have enormous repercussions beyond the real estate industry and across the traditional financial sector.

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