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We Treat our Employees
Like Valued Family Members!

Every person on our crew is treated with the respect they deserve. We reward our employees with the perks and benefits because let’s be grateful for the people our company can count on to get the dang job done!


We provide appraisals to our employees by giving them a company maintained car.

Annual Leaves

Developers Studio grants 25 paid annual leaves to its employees in case of any emergency.


DS provides hostel allowances to its employees to build higher productivity in them.

Provident Fund

We provide provident amount to our employees at the time of exit from the company.

Excursion Opportunities

To maintain the well-being of employees, we conduct excursion and outing activities for them.

Home Allowance

DS team celebrate the efforts of its employees by providing them with a home allowance.

Health Insurance

Developers Studio provides full medical coverage to support its worthy employees.

Life Insurance

We offer generous Life Insurance to cover uncertain happenings and emergencies.

Family Care

We prioritize our employees’ family health, for this purpose we offer suffice family care allowance.

Family Treat

Developers Studio feels privileged to provide outing allowance for its team’s family.

Daily Lunch

At Developers Studio our team devours on the scrumptious daily lunch.

Tea & Coffee

To charge up our employees at workstation, we have unlimited warm drinks for them.

Marriage Allowance

DS provides a sound marriage allowance to its employees to plan a perfect marriage.

Child Education

Developers Studio advocates and finance the education of its employee's children.

Maternity Allowance

Expecting a child is crucial, we provide maternity allowance to our female employees.


At DS we express awe to our employees by providing them with the bike allowances.


We cater the learning and growth of our employees by offering them allowance for certifications.

International Tour

We create and arrange opportunities for our employees to experience international trips.

Developers Studio's
Pool of Talent!

We believe treating employees like a family foster their well-being and working capacity. Through our corporate perks, employees get a chance to gain exposure to learning opportunities. Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive coverage to meet a range of medical situations and solid protection against the cost of severe injury or illness. Alongside the other perks, we provide our team members with the opportunity to follow leisure pursuits through vacation, personal leave, and holiday plans

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