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How to Hire Dedicated Software Development Teams

Major companies in the US, UK, and Europe can’t get enough talented IT people to fill up their openings. Hiring a dedicated development team brings in an entire offshore team for software development. Unlike outsourcing, the Dedicated Teams model allows for the control of the composition and workload of the team since they are employees of the company.

What is a Dedicated Development Team?

Dedicated Development Team is a business model which is often confused with outsourcing. Actually, it is an agreement with the company and the dedicated team service provider. The dedicated specialized teams are hired by the service providers to facilitate the client’s project with their expertise for a long-term basis.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Software Development Teams


Cost-Efficient & Time Saving

Hiring a dedicated team for your big project always goals in the cost-efficient net, because with the dedicated software development team you can focus on the product’s working rather than wasting your time on hiring specialists for the project.

Projects always benefit from greater cost-effectiveness. Let's explain it with a simple example: for instance, you are a project owner residing in the USA, UK or Europe. The custom software development team might be extravagant because the developer’s cost rate varies from $100 to $150 per hour. However, if you hire a dedicated software development team from South Asia who are just as qualified, work in a competitive environment, know English well, and are ready for continuous development, they can save significant project costs in contrast to the in-house development teams.

Quick Scaling of the Project

By leveraging a highly flexible approach that adapts to the needs of the project, companies can boost their existing teams. The goal is to ensure maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness by swapping skills and knowledge as and when needed. Initially, the number of employees in the software development team is determined by the customer, who can enlarge or decrease the number of employees if needed.

Greater Flexibility

By hiring a dedicated team of developers or specialists, you can manage them at will. If there is a need to expand the team then this type of hiring model offers greater flexibility because you can easily hire new people for the project just by asking the company which is offering you
the dedicated team support.

Better Collaboration

The company's owner and project managers continuously provide feedback to a dedicated team, creating the best conditions for collaboration. Businesses receiving dedicated developer team models receive transparent communication and processes, helping them to achieve their goals efficiently and quickly.

Transparency & Easy-to-Manage

Due to the constant feedback the team receives from project managers and the company owner, a dedicated team model fosters the best conditions for collaboration. Business owners benefit from transparent communication and processes through dedicated developer team models, helping them achieve their goals quickly and efficiently

Faster Development Cycle

The development cycle is faster because the developers and other specialists are devoted to a single project full-time. At the end of the cycle, they can produce more results since they are deep in the process.

Focus on the Project

The best development results are always achieved when a dedicated development team fully commits to the project. With a 100% product focus, dedicated team is able to respond faster to any changes to a project. The dedicated development team model is flexible enough to adjust the work plan due to the changes in current project requirements, industry performance, or budget constraints.

Dedicated Teams Hiring Business Model

Offshore Software Development Company Hiring

Dedicated Offshore Software Development Company hiring on-boards the offshore talent that exactly matches your project requirements. If the hiring goes well and is done in the right way, then this talent seamlessly works with your in-house staff in real-time to ensure they deliver exactly what you need for the project.

With the Offshore Software Development Company hiring, you can access the tailored talent pool for your project. Offshore Software Development Dedicated Teams are a lot more affordable for your project because you don't have to bear setup, working space, and business stationery costs. You pay a lot less for a lot more work. With this hiring model, you can supervise wherever you want.

Dedicated Team Hiring





A dedicated developers team is somehow similar to the previous hiring model but dedicated team hiring goes for a long run for long-term projects. In this business model the company hires a whole development team that is fully committed to just the specific project. Depending on the project's needs, the software development team can also be expanded by the client's company.

Below are the following points that should be kept in mind before hiring a dedicated team for custom software development:

  1.  Always hire from a company who have a sound reputation and an amazing portfolio, because a big project comes with a big investment that shouldn’t be put at stake. So if you are looking for a company that values your project and time, Developers Studio is the end of your quest to search for a dedicated team for your business. You can have a look at our case studies to witness how our team evolved by embracing the project challenges and how impressive the project outcome was which made us a top rated custom software development company.
  2. Hire a company who uses platforms like Jira, Slack and Trello. Because communication platforms matter a lot which leads to transparency. Jira and Trello are the project management tools, with which you can track the progress of the team comprehensively. We recommend paying attention to transparency when you are paying a high price for a dedicated team. The project manager can either provide weekly/monthly updates, or you can manage the project yourself.
  3.  Read the company’s industry awards announcements and recognition by trust-worthy platforms like Good Firms. Desingrush, Mobile App Daily, Top Developers, Tech Behemoths and Clutch.
  4.  Follow the company’s social media to witness how they showcase their client-centric services and expertise.
  5. Interview the project managers and team before hiring them, and beforehand ask them some general questions about the project, like which is the most preferable tech stack for the project and discuss the project’s sprints.

Outsourcing Hiring

An outsourcing team hiring model is a business model in which the owners delegate their house development processes to an outsourcing firm. Many people still confuse the business model of a dedicated team with the outsourcing team hiring model.

But in reality, the outsourcing hiring model is used for a short duration. The outsourcing hiring model comes with a lot of dilemmas which in turn can affect the performance of the project, so this model is not advisable to opt for.

Extended Team Hiring

An extended software team hiring is a business model that brings the project owner’s in-house developers and remote specialists from the outsourcing company together. The project controller has complete control over the best remote talent.

Dedicated team v/s In-house development, which one is right for your business?

Dedicated Team is far much better than the In-house development team as it saves money and time. Hiring an in-house team means starting it from scratch whereas you can hire your team with the help of dedicated team support providers. Dedicated team is the team working on your project and supervised by you but working miles away.

In short, dedicated development and a specialized team are a must have for your project whether you have just landed a project or it is ongoing.

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