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Adeel Safdar | Software Engineer

Tell us About Yourself Adeel

I am a bachelor of computer science from the Virtual University of Pakistan. I started my professional career as a Full Stack Developer at a Stock Market-based software company. During the university era, I started working on the latest technologies and the exposure made me a tech-oriented person.

Which thing fascinates you the most?

When someone from the tech-industry initiates a discussion on innovative business ideas, it fascinates me a lot.

We want to know about your Future Interests

My future interest is to build a free of cost training institution for the unprivileged students to make them aware of contemporary technology.

What’s your best memory at Developers Studio?

My first day at Developers Studio is indeed the best memory, meeting new tech experts was really amazing and inspiring for me.

Why did I join Developers Studio?

I joined this workplace because I loved the peaceful learning atmosphere here. One of the major reasons was the elegant and hard-working team. I observed all these aspects and decided to join Developers Studio.

When you aren’t coding, what do you like to do?

Learning new stuff on the internet, it may be about the general conditions or it may be some coding blogs.

My Hobbies:

Being a programmer, my favorite hobby is to watch the code run seamless and error-free but despite this hobby I love to travel when I’m on a break.


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