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ASIF butt software engineer

Asif Masood Butt | Software Engineer

I aim to craft business solutions for Blockchain Revolution !

Tell us About Yourself Asif

I am a bachelor of computer science from the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. I started my professional career right after finishing my degree and worked as a backend developer at a product-based software company. During the university era, I started my own e-commerce business along with my batch mates. I think it gave me enough experience to initiate my own business. Now, at this time, I am trying to make myself stronger in my career and shaping myself to face new challenges.

Which thing fascinates you the most?

When someone sparks a conversation about their success stories, it fascinates me a lot. I want to groom myself to make my own success story and inspire the people around me.

We want to know about your Future Interests

My future interests include doing something useful that would benefit my community in some ways. It could be initiating a leveraging business, or through some other plans.

What’s your best memory at Developers Studio?

It was the cold day of January when I was asked to attend an important meeting here. The extent of the weather was so intense that everyone was shivering while attending the meeting. It was because the building was under construction, and we were in the newly built meeting room. In the meeting, we all were offered this opportunity of working at a new place with new technology to which we all consented. I remember, we asked our manager to make the necessary arrangements for this cold weather, and he happily encouraged us to start working and not to worry about those things. It was the best memory at Developers Studio.

Why did I join Developers Studio?

I joined this workplace because I loved the peaceful learning atmosphere here. One of the major reasons was the elegant and hard-working team who were just about to start a new career in a new technology alongside surprising perks over here. I observed all these aspects and decided to take my software development career to the next level.

When you aren’t coding, what do you like to do?

Learning new things on the internet, finding new and interesting books, watching informative seasons, posting informative posts on my social media pages, listening to songs, etc.

My Hobbies:

Being a techie guy, I am leaned towards learning new tech things and love to spread it on my writing canvas.


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