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Bilal Ahmed | Software Engineer

Your brief Introduction

My name is Bilal Ahmad, I’m a graduate of computer science from GC University, Lahore. I started my professional career in the 6th semester of my graduation. Being a computer scientist I always try to find new ways to implement things in a more optimized manner, it can be in the form of adapting new tech or more accurate logics.

What Fascinates you the most

As the IT field is vast and is growing very fast. My aim is to develop my own IT brand that could revolutionize the world like Microsoft, Paypal.

What is your best memory at Developers Studio?

Tour to Kalam is the best memory at Developers Studio till now.

Why you joined Developers Studio

I joined Developers Studio because of the growth opportunities. Here I can grow with the experienced team. Furthermore, the friendly environment of the company is another reason to join this amazing tech-hub.

What do like to do in your leisure time?

When i am not coding you’ll find me playing cricket.

What are your Hobbies?

As a techie, I always try to learn new things and my hobby is to explore new tech trends.


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