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Bilal Ali | Software Engineer

We’d like to know about you Bilal; tell us a bit about Yourself!

A techie-fanatic, I’m Bilal Ali a computer engineer, graduated from the University of Central Punjab. The art of complexities and solving the patterns in coding is what I always look out for while working. Being a software engineer I always keep an eye on the latest tech-happenings around the world.

What fascinates you the most?

The artist loves to paint his canvas with playful colors that drive people’s attention. Likewise, I do the same with my canvas (my laptop’s screen), I strike it with the subtle art of coding. And coding is something that fascinates me the most.

Which is your favorite season and why?

Money Heist is my favorite season. The manifesto of the teamwork in the season was peculiar but I learned that the spotlight of working together can always bring big success.

Why did you choose Developers Studio as your dream workstation?

A coding-fanatic like me always longed for a professional and friendly environment, Developers Studio fulfills all the expectations as an ideal workplace. The management always prioritizes the employee’s mental health and treats the employees with the respect they deserve.

What do you Aim for?

I aim to be an entrepreneur in the future, I always dreamt of becoming a startup owner just like Rand Fishkin.

Do you have any hobbies?

People are usually TV-spree in their free time, unlike others I’m a code-spree, I love to stare at the successful running of my code. Nothing soothes me more than coding.


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