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BILAL sohail software engineer

Bilal Sohail | Software Engineer

I strive to bring excellence in my work!

Who is Bilal Sohail?

I am Bilal Sohail a Software Engineering Grad from COMSATS Lahore. I have been the Director of Hult Prize (Event Supported By United Nations) and served as the Vice-Chair of COMSATS IT society back then. From my childhood, I was engrossed with the automation and manufacturing of machines and it led me to follow the trail of blockchain trend.

What are your dreams and future interests?

My future goal is to start a welfare organization chain through which well-off people can connect to help the unprivileged community of Pakistan.

Which is the best memory you revive about Developers Studio?

There are a lot of good memories at DS but the best of them was the ‘Aftar party’. The event created a friendly relation with the team members, we discussed the project ideas together and it was fun to make friends at my workplace.

Why did you join Developers Studio?

My goal was to become a Full Stack developer and my interest in Blockchain aroused the curiosity in me to join Developers Studio.

What do like to do in your Leisure time?

I try my best to free myself from the hectic routine of coding and indulge myself in the company of books. In my leisure time, I usually read my favorite book “Power of your subconscious mind” by “Joseph Murphy”.

Apart from book-reading, binge-watching my favorite seasons on Netflix is a part of my activities in my free time.

What are your Hobbies?

I prefer to read books and I love to read about the cognitive patterns of the human mind. I love to explore “How the Psychology of people work”.


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