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muhammad Jawad software engineer

Jawad Saleem | Software Engineer

My Introduction:

I am a bachelor of computer science from the University of Central Punjab, Lahore. I started my professional career right after finishing my degree and worked as Laravel backend developer at a product-based software company.

What fascinates me?

Learning new skills is part of a software developer’s role due to the frequent changes and advancements in technology and frameworks, just learning programming skills isn’t enough if you want to succeed and get ahead in your software developer’s career.

My best memory at Developers Studio:

My best memory at developers studio was movie night. We were not expecting this activity in the office environment.

Why did I join Developers Studio?

I joined this workplace because I want to learn the latest technologies .Because the IT industry is one of the fastest-growing industries today.Thus requires different mindsets and skills from software developers to be effective in their role.

What do I like to do in my leisure time?

I like to do many things in my leisure time. These things are learning new things on the internet, using social media, watching different seasons, playing cricket,watching cricket matches etc.

My Hobbies:

My hobbies are playing cricket and watching different seasons.


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