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muhammad USMAN software engineer

Muhammad Usman | Software Engineer

My Short Introduction

Hailing as a Software Engineering Grad, I’m Muhammad Usman, I have recently graduated from The University of Lahore. My tech background was the reason I started my career as a passionate software developer.

Enlighten us with your Past Working Experience!

During my 6th semester, I joined the tech industry as an intern, and with the passage of time, I embellished my expertise and skills with the latest trends of technology. Afterward, I sparked my journey as a UI UX designer and a software developer.

Tell us about your Future Interests

My future interest is to become a part of the blockchain revolution, I want to pursue my career as a blockchain developer.

Why did you choose Developers Studio as your workstation?

My blockchain passion made my way to Developers Studio, alongside the exciting perks and benefits of Developers Studio supported my decision to join this stunning workstation. In a short period of time, the family of Developers Studio made me so much comfortable here and I can’t think of a better workplace than DS.

When you are not coding, what do you do in your leisure time?

When I’m not stuck to the laptop screens, I most probably devour in my favorite restaurant.

If you were a SuperHero, which SuperHero you wanted to be?

I guess I’d be a superman because from my childhood I loved the attire and the cape of superman.


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