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OSAMA backend developer

Osama Tanveer | Software Engineer

Tell us About Yourself!

My name is Osama Tanveer, and I’m a Software Engineer from UOL. I had a great experience in web development, I can manage many sites, projects, portals on my own.

What fascinates you the most?

Nothing fascinates me more than Coding, and I want to excel in the same field.

What is your best memory at Developers Studio?

Movie night at Developers Studio is my favorite memory here.

Why you joined Developers Studio?

We can foresee the future of cryptocurrency that will replace fiat, that’s why I like to work in cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. And I think at the moment DS is the best option for me.

What do like to do in your leisure time?

When I am not coding you’ll find me watching seasons, playing snooker or spending time with friends.

What are your Hobbies?

Watching Movies, and Seasons, Playing Video Games and Snooker.


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