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Saif ali software engineer

Saif Ali | QA Engineer

We want to know, who is Saif?

I’m Saif Ali, I have done my Masters in Computer Science from the University of Management & Technology, Lahore. It’s been more than a year I’m associated with Quality Assurance (QA) Engineering and till now this learning about this profession has enthralled me. I believe I can polish my expertise and skills in a more professional way at DS

What fascinates you the most?

Traveling, Camping, Exploring new places. Of course, my job is more important for me, but I really love to explore new places. I have traveled across the country couple of times and I want to visit more new places in the future.

What is your best memory at Developers Studio?

My best memory here is when my manager appreciated my first work consignment, it boosted my confidence and well-being.

Why you joined Developers Studio?

DS is a place where you can learn new things and enhance your skills in a peaceful, professional,, and friendly environment, alongside the perks and benefits of the company depicts how they value their employees.

What do like to do in your leisure time?

I love to listen Rap music, not mainstream Rap, only Underground & Compton base Rap.

What are your Hobbies?

Listening to music, Travelling, watching Football, NBA, Sometimes I play snooker & Foosball


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