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Shahrukh Imran | Software Engineer

Introduce Yourself!

My name is Muhammad Shahrukh, I have recently completed my bachelor’s degree in computer science from Virtual University of Pakistan. I have accomplished professional certifications in Web Designing and Development which intrigued me to spark my career as a Full-Stack Developer.

Tell Us About Your Learning Venture!

After completing 6th semester I started working as an Intern and after the completion of the internship I ignited my career as a front-end UI designer and developer. Furthermore, I gained skills in Photoshop, Front-end web development frameworks, Laravel to work on my product-base project.

What is your Future Plan?

I want to Become a Full Stack All Rounder Developer and DevOpsEng.

Do you have any Dream?

I dream to build my own software house in the future after gaining plenty of professional exposure in the business markets.

Which is your Favorite Memory at Developers Studio?

There are plenty of them but I love late-night sittings with my colleagues escorted with a warm cup of coffee.

Why did you Join Developers Studio?

I’m interested in blockchain technology, that’s why I’m with Developer’s Studio. Secondly the office environment is comfortable and it gives me the tranquility to work in teams. The whole management is quite friendly and cooperative.

Things I Do In Leisure Time:

I love to read technology blogs well and it inspires the entrepreneur within me. Internet and social media surfing is a part of my leisure time.

What are your hobbies, Shahrukh?

Playing cricket and cooking are my hobbies. Being a boy there’s a stereotype that only girls can cook. But I believe cooking is the thing that gives me satisfaction and just like playing with the code; I play with the spices to make scrumptious meals everyone can devour.


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