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Suleman ux designer

Suleyman Ilyas | Visual Designer

Hi! I’m Suleman Ilyas. I believe in design that is technology-oriented following a simple and sorted method. I interpret design in my own way keeping it minimal and simple and I am always willing to enchance my skills to the next level

Which themes do you enjoy designing the most?

I enjoy working on the savvy Cyber themes, it intrigues the tech-enthusiast within me.

The reason for joining Developers Studio

My experience has been amazing with the Developers Studio, the friendly working environment and the learning culture here has engrossed me to join Developers Studio.

What inspired you to become a visual designer?

The vastness of the visual designing field as there is so much to explore at every single step. Plus I like to recreate and play with the designs to create aesthetically stunning graphics.

Your best memory with Developers Studio!

Every day is a fun day with Developers Studio, but movie night is my best memory with the Developers Studio, I enjoyed every bit of it. Moreover, the DS culture never fails to make my day, the big smiles you see here while working is the part I look forward to the most.

If you weren’t a designer, what would you be?

My cherished dream was to fly high like a falcon from my childhood if I weren’t a visual designer I better be a fighter pilot to knock off the rivals.

Which Sports Activity is your Favorite?

When I get free time from my hectic design work I like to play Soccer and Badminton

What are your Hobbies?

I have got a knack at singing but I am only a bathroom singer (I don’t want people to fall for my melodious voice) xD


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