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Wisha Ajmal | Content Writer

A Quick Sneak-Peek of my Background:

I’m Wisha Ajmal, a Software Engineer Grad, a Dean’s Award Holder, and a Woman Emerging Leader Awardee from the University of Minnesota(USA). I worked as a content marketer back in 2018 when I was in the second year of my college. In around 2019 I transitioned my career to copywriting and just one year later I found that my real passion was to direct the whole process of content marketing from strategy to implementation to get incredible results.

Personality Evaluation:

No pish-posh shortcuts | Introvert | Empath | Intuitive | Enneagram 3w4 | Assertive

Fun Fact About Wisha:

I almost became a Behavior Psychologist long before I decided that I love content marketing! I still have twenty-something books in my small, personal library about habits and how people think.

Something That I’m Proud of:

  • Becoming a working professional
  • Vice-President of Madadgar foundation
  • Winner of Woman Emerging Leader Award (Woman’s Commission UMC)
  • Director ar “Better Together”-An initiative for unprivileged trans-community

The reason I joined Developers Studio:

Well, working with Developers studio has been hell amazing till now. The work culture here is pretty much stress-free, plus the employee-friendly policies of DS has my heart. Moreover, the Developers Studio has always fostered my ambitions to grow and learn. That’s all for now because I am asked to write just a bunch of reasons.

Little-known things about me:

When Wisha is not binging Barca games or thrillers on Netflix, she is busy sharpening her marketing skills. A self-taught indie content marketer who enjoys writing about pretty much anything. She’s not fascinated by finance but loves the thrill of making money.

My Biggest Fear

I fear I might turn into a sleep-deprived zombie


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